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"Since coming to TML fitness I have accidentally lost ten pounds and gained a whole lot of self-confidence and strength!The classes are so fun that I never feel like I'm working out and the staff is great and supportive! Love it!" Cat C.
5.0 star rating
Are you exhausted from trying EVERYTHING to reach your ideal weight? Have you ever reached your weight & fitness goals only to find it was still NEVER enough? Have you shamed & guilted yourself countless times for reaching goals only to be set back or returning to the same place you began? 
Yeah, us too! 
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TML... Helping Hundreds of Women Change Their Mindset & Approach for a FIT LIFE w/BODY CONFINDENT Fitness Programs! 
Hi, for those of you that don’t know me, my name is Cassandra Wycko, aka Zandra Lee. I am the owner and creator of TML Turn Me Loose Fitness. My alias Zandra Lee has a combined social media presence of close to 300K "organic" followers. I am an NASM Certified Personal Trainer, ACE Group Fitness Trainer, and a Clinical Sexologist & Body Image Expert.

 At 44 years old, I signed my first lingerie modeling contract with Adam & Eve! It was a small contract, but as someone who has struggled with severe body image issues most of my life it was a huge deal. I mean a lingerie model? Imagine that.

Last year, my alias Zandra Lee was contacted directly by the owner of the world’s largest plus size porn website! To some, this milestone may be appalling but as a 44 year old, 200+ pound woman I was a little flattered. You may be thinking, "well sure, flattered, but most definitely not something to write home about Cassandra."
Well, I not only wrote home about it, I picked up the phone and called my mother. We both had a good giggle but for her I know it was a milestone. You see, my mom knew both offers came at the time they did not due to coincidence, or during my "peak" shape, or at height of my youth. Rather, they came late in life, at my current weight!

 What my mom knew in that moment was that I FINALLY grasped what she had been trying to tell me my entire life: I AM BEAUTIFUL AND PERFECT, NOW THEN AND ALWAYS. Isn't that how we see our children? Our loved ones? In the NOW. There is no condition. “I will love you ‘when’ you...!” Yet we do this to ourselves daily, don't we?

Our program at TML is not weight-loss focused. Our NEW Body Confidence Bootcamp is a FITNESS program that is based on YOU as a WHOLE person. It is not about a number on the scale or inches around a tape measure. It is about moving away from those methodologies for optimum mental, emotional, physical, spiritual & sexual health and well-being. THAT IS THE CHALLENGE!

I am a trained professional in weight-loss, as mentioned in the video on the Bootcamp application page. I bet you are too! I have lost hundreds of pounds in my life. I have helped clients lose weight and get into peak shape plenty of times. I've done just about every single weight-loss program around. Were they effective...YES! I can honestly say THEY WORK. I lost weight, but it always managed to find its way back. I KNOW the reasons the weight comes back and why we fail to reach fitness goals. There are also hundreds of multi-billion-dollar companies staffed with experts in those reasons that use their knowledge against us to take our money. They literally bet against our success!

How much money would you spend to break free from what is holding you back? How much time would you commit to yourself daily to understand your faults and move past them? How would it feel for you to NEVER look at food, the scale, or a fitness program as the enemy again? How much money, headache and heartache would you save in a lifetime if you learned to master the whys?
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"The atmosphere is extremely friendly. It is almost as though TML does not see size. We all come in at our respective sizes and do the work out without ever feeling intimidated. I love it!!" -- Detrice P.on


Manager/Instructor Pole Virgin,Intermediate, Advanced Pole & Pole Silks Instructor,  More About Me;

1. Where are you from? North Carolina
2. How long have you been pole dancing? I've been Pole Dancing since 2010.
3. How did you become interested in pole? I was introduced to pole through a friend and was hooked after my first lesson. 
4. What's your favorite pole trick? Sad Girl Drop
5. What kind of music do you like to dance to? I like to dance to different types of but favorites are rock and alternative. 
6. Any advice to those interested in trying Pole for the first time? Have fun be open and don't give up! Pole is not easy but its fun and is a GREAT workout.

Ray Howard

"Laura brings a phenomenal amount of energy and fun to the classroom. She always makes sure every student is within their comfort zone and frequently adjusts moves and routines so that less experienced students can participate more comfortably. Her high level of skill is evident and inspiring to her students."
Lead Twerk Instructor, lead Party Instructor, More About Me;

1. Where are you from? I'm from Durham, North Carolina.
2. How long have you been pole dancing? I've been pole dancing for 6 years.
3. How did you become interested in pole? When I started, pole dancing wasn't the norm. I wanted to do something that helped with fitness that I wouldn't get bored with after a week. While I was studying at ECU, I started taking lessons and fell in love with it. Here I am 6 years later and still in love with it.
4. What kind of music do you like to dance to? I love to dance to all kinds of music. I love R&B, Rap, Trap, Indie, Pop, & Rock. I put my playlist on shuffle and feel the music.
5. What’s your favorite pole move? My favorite pole move would have to be a reverse grab into a ballerina.
6.  Any advice to those interested in trying pole? Don't let the pole intimidate you. Have fun and be confident in yourself and the pole.

Cadedra McCollum Leach reviewed TML Turn Me Loose Fitness — 5 star

"I had my first virgin pole class for my Birthday, I must say my girls and i had a great time. Our instructor Gigi this a great job, she was very knowledgeable, patient and seems very passionate about her work..The ladies and I would love to schedule a pole and twerk class with Gigi. Gigi thanks so much for making my first class and a great birthday a great"


Pole Dance Instructor, Body Confidence Boot Camp Instructor
Daytime Divas Program Manager, More About Me;

1. Where are you from? Roanoke, VA
2. How long have you been pole dancing? On and off since 2012.
3. How did you become interested in pole? Interested because as stay at home mom I wanted a different work out.
4. What's your favorite pole trick? Extended butterfly
4. What kind of music do you like to dance to? Rock, metal, R&B, rap. Depends on my mood.
5. Any advice to those interested in trying Pole for the first time? I still tell myself if I can't get a move leave it alone for a day or two and try again.
6. Favorite Quote- "You only live once so try it twice"
Renata Buchanan
"I love going to pole classes with Jackie; she is an amazing instructor. She has a great spirit and is very high energy; not to mention a beast on the pole. She is an expert motivator and challenges her students to try new pole tricks every class. My favorite part of having Jackie as an instructor is that if you don't understand a move, she will come up with a million different ways of explaining it until you get it. And even if you don't get it, she will cheer you on no matter what."
Rachel S.

Pole Dance Instructor, lead floor work Instructor, Parties & TML Social Media Manager, More About Me;

1. Where are you from? New Cumberland, PA
2. How long have you been pole dancing? It’ll be 2 years next month
3. How did you become interested in pole? My best friend had a pole party for her 24th birthday. I instantly fell in love with how you can be sexy and strong at the same time.
4. What kind of music do you like to dance to? I like hip-hop, R&B, pop, and rock
5. What’s your favorite pole trick? It’s a tie between superman and the tulip
6. Any advice for those interested in trying pole? Just try it! You’ll find an encouraging and welcoming community here at TML.
Jennigrace Cooper reviewed TML Turn Me Loose Fitness — 5 star
"A group of us went last night for a private class with Rachel and had the Best time she made it very comfortable knowing we were all nervous. she was super helpful with each one of us and we had a blast. We will definitely plan another party it was Awesome!"

Flexy Sexy Instructor, Pole Instructor Basic Pole, Intermediate, Advanced.

1. Where are you from?  Durham, NC
2. How long have you been pole dancing? I've been Pole Dancing for 5 years.
3. How did you become interested in pole? I became interested in pole after seeing a Groupon for it and became curious. No other workout plan or gym really appealed to be and I wanted to try something new.
4. What kind of music do you like to dance to? The music I dance to can range from R&B/Chillhoplif to instrumentals. My musical choices depend on my mood so it leads me to go outside my box most the time.

Carrie Mitchell-

"I’ve been going to the Flexy Sexy classes on Sundays with Ayeshia for a while now and I wanted to say she is doing a great job. She is extremely attentive to all her students. At the beginning of each class she asks every student if they have any current or previous injuries to modify her outline as needed. She walks around the room to adjust each student's posture, as well as, explains the importance of the pose and how it can assist with pole dancing. She is also great at explaining the difference between pain and discomfort and how our bodies are reacting to each pose. Ayeshia does an amazing job with keeping the classes interesting and engaging by using a variety of poses and methods. We have used swiss balls, ankle weights, yoga blocks, straps, fabric, etc. in class and it has been great. Each class I see improvements in my flexibility."

Scarlett Fox
TML Concierge, Initiate Instructor, Blog Coordinator 

1. Where are you from? NC
2. How long have you been pole dancing? I've been Pole Dancing for 9 months. Started in the fitness industry at age 10 Tae Kwon Do till graduating from high school. While in high school I taught Tae Kwon Do. I became interested in fitness because I wanted to be like Jackie Chan
3. How did you become interested in pole? I became interested in pole after seeing posts on Instagram.
4. What kind of music do you like to dance to? Mostly dance to pop, hip hop and R&B.
5. What is your favorite pole move? My favorite pole move is the Butterfly.  My favorite non-pole exercise are crunches.
6. What advice would you give to a newcomer? Don't compare yourself to anyone else.
Favorite Quote; "Float like a butterfly; sting lik a bee"-Muhammad Ali

Cindy Schmidt -
"The studio and all instructors are qualified and friendly. As a foreigner (who moved recently to the RTP area), I felt right in the first class very welcomed and included. TML helped me to become more self-confident, by supporting me each lesson and giving me constructive criticism. In 6 months I made incredible progresses and fell in love with the hobby itself, the studio and the instructors. Every class is individual in its own way. Your learning opportunities at this studio are huge and I promise you a judgment free environment with lots of laughs, encouragement, fun and support. I am very happy of being a part of the TML family, thank you!"
Michele Bridgers -

"Amazing experience with these gals!! Fun and empowering!!! Confidence boosted!"
Destria Price  -

"This class was so much fun! Gigi and Melissa were truly amaxing and made everybody feel comfortable.
I can't wait to go back!"
Faye R. S.  -
"So much fun and the ladies there know how to move!! But mostly, it is a non judgement place and you can feel totally comfortable. And I'm 56, and older than pretty much everyone there that I've met so far and I still felt comfortable."

Kimberly Rieg-Carter  -

"I first started going to the pole virgin classes on Saturdays a couple months ago. Jackie the instructor is absolutely AMAZING! She teaches everything in a way that is understandable, even on your first day!! She goes around the class and gives one on one so you are comfortable and learn what is being taught. This place is for anyone... no matter how old or young or athletic or not! I just wish there were more advance classes on the weekend since I have such a busy work schedule during the week:) I have also taken one class with Laura and she is so Taleneted!! And Gigi is great too!! Amazing group of instructors!!!"