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GAME CHANGER!!! What if you stopped buying the lie that you're broken? What if you took your power back and invested NOT in a number on a scale but true FREEDOM? Freedom from frozen food, points systems, B12 shots, surgeries, the scale, body shaming, guilt, fear of intimacy, fear of someone seeing you naked, fear of sex, and fear of your BODY! What if the list of things holding us back from loving and being our Authentic Selves ceased to exist? How much money, how much time a day, would you invest in that FREEDOM?
My name is Cassandra Wycko, aka Zandra Lee. I am the owner and creator of TML Turn Me Loose Fitness, and I can show you how I broke free from the lies I was telling myself daily for my entire life!

What You Will Learn From This BootCamp.
The Workouts
  • Helps You Save Money, Stop Counting, Ditch The Scale 
  •  Makes It Easy To Run Around Naked, Wear A Bikini To The Beach And Be Unapologetically Confident In Your Skin
  •  Discover The Real SECRET To Really Loving The Way You Look Naked & The Truth As To Why Most Diets & Fitness Programs Have Failed To Give You Long Term Results
The Challenage
  • Helps You Shift Your Approach Towards Weight Loss & Fitness
  • Effortlessly Create A New Mindset Towards Fitness, Nutrition & Your Body 
  • How To Stop Dreading; Your Workouts, Bathing Suit Shopping, Your Partner Seeing Your Naked Body etc...
Membership Access
  •  Quickly Get Fit, Become Body Confident,  Become Your Authentic Sexual Self TODAY!
  •  Escape The "broken" Mentality Where You Have Been Starting Fitness Programs From A Place Of Self Loathing
  •  Discover You Are Not And Never Have Been "broken" That Your Body Is Your Temple, Food Is Not The Enemy And Being Naked Is Not So Scary!
What You Will Get In The Membership Site
  •  FREE Exclusive access to Becoming Your Authentic Sexual Self Home Study Course valued at $600
  •  FREE Exclusive access to nutrition guidelines, recipes, shopping tips and tricks to save you money! 
  •  Give you the tools to become body confident, body positive and sex positive
  • Improve your body image & communication skills so that you can enrich intimacy for a better sex life
  •  Help you create your 6 month "body image/sexual road map"
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